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Really good shen guide! Check it out!

"A comprehensive guide to playing Shen in Season 3 of League of Legends including item builds, ability leveling order, runes, masteries, tips, tricks and how-tos. A video to show off to Summoners what Scorpion Shen can do."

Don’t forget to watch this awesome Guide here! Like, comment and subscribe on YouTube if you can! We really appreciate the support! (It’s a Shen guide, btw, thought we should mention that).

Hey everyone! One of our very own (Summoner name: JCISoldier) made a tutorial for Shen. It’s fairly informative and a really good example of what a good Shen player can do solo queue in a ranked game. He talks about Ability Leveling Order, Builds, tips, tricks, how-tos all that stuff. Could you do us a mega favor and check it out here? Like and Reblog it here on Tumblr and Thumbs Up and Comment on it on Youtube.
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